Our Story

We are a software company started by software engineers.

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Our Mission

We started with the simple goal of creating great software on time and on budget. Everyone has their horror stories of failed software projects, fired vendors and missed milestones. We set out to change this. And we know that we've succeeded when our customers want to work with us again and refer us to their colleagues. Simply put, using our rockstar team makes you look awesome.

Our People & Values

Our team members are at the top of their game in technology, work ethic and personal interaction. And we love what we do. We're at our best when we're immersed in your projects working at full speed to get the job done.

We value quick, visible results. From the start, we define the project to get the most results possible without extra time or cost. We value open, clear communication about your project. We have passion about you and your projects, and we ensure a positive, successful project outcome.

What Makes Us Tick

Working with our clients on inventive and exciting projects is what gets us up in the morning--that sweet spot of ambitious work and passionate people. We love getting deep into every phase of your project from idea to design to build. With us there are no surprises or long delays, just fantastic results.

Our Story


We started SolutionStream with a simple idea—to develop amazing software on time and on budget—and to finish each engagement with a happy, referable customer. Simple right? Not so fast. When you combine solving tricky business problems with technology then add in a variety of personality types, agendas and business goals, you end up with a daunting challenge.

We knew why software projects fail.

We had both spent several years working in IT. We were running large software projects and outsourcing the work to consulting companies. From that viewpoint we were experiencing firsthand the “why” of why software projects fail. With these vendors, communication was shaky, processes were poorly managed, and we were not making visible progress. We were stuck with projects that were 93% complete. And somehow in these large companies that was not only the norm but the expectation.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We set out to start a consulting company with core values of client satisfaction, visible results, excellent communication and amazing technical depth. We created SolutionStream in 1996.

To accomplish our goal, we find and hire only the best people. Not only do they need to have excellent technical and process skills, but also great personal interaction and problem-solving skills. When our customers hire us, they expect the highest level of service. We saw from the beginning that to attract, train and keep this kind of people, we need to give them an incredible working experience. So all of our people are full-time employees, not contractors, which is the norm in our industry. This allows us to really invest in our culture and development. And because the nature of our work is that our employees are with our clients for months at a time, we go the extra mile to let them know we appreciate and recognize them.

Our team members make the difference.

Over the last two decades, we've seen thousands of projects, dozens of industries and more late nights and weekends than we can count. We coded on the original World Wide Web, architected the earliest Cloud systems, built some of the original mobile apps and now are seeing the mobile revolution take off. The variety of clients, industries and challenges we've tackled gives us a unique and deep perspective on solving our customers' technology problems.

We reach our goals when our customers reach theirs.

We want every engagement to finish with an excellent solution and a delighted customer. Our team and the client's will have had a great experience implementing the solution. That's who we are and what we love to do.

Jason Thelin, Travis Cook & Chad Atkinson
SolutionStream Partners