Specific Industry Experience

We have wide and proven experience across many key industries. We understand the challenges and technology options in your specific industry. We track trends in your market and can provide you with insight and relevant solutions for the problems you face. Our ever-growing portfolio and more than two decades of experience in these specific industries give us essential perspective on your company’s needs.


Traditional education institutions have been profoundly affected by the online revolution. We have not only helped existing organizations stay up-to-date and implement new systems but also have helped new online organizations build and launch their e-learning platforms.

We helped Western Governors University strategize, build and deploy their entire online platform—including course creation, course delivery, mentoring modules, video delivery, financial and student profiles. And much of this still had to work with a few legacy systems. We understand the cutting edge as well as how to integrate with existing systems.

Education Clients: Western Governors, Pearson, Imagine Learning, e-College, BYU-I


We have a very unique approach to helping startups and early-stage companies get the help they need. Our own founders are entrepreneurs and heavily involved in mentoring, investing and launching startups, so they have valuable insight into the challenges a new company faces.

We help define each company's approach by using Lean Startup principles and guide them through an eye-opening Business Model Canvas approach that improves understanding of the specific market. We do this so that we can build a laser-focused Minimum Viable Product that helps the company hit the ground running with early revenue and early customer engagement.

We have also actively participated as an early investor with some of our customers. When there is a particularly good fit, we put some 'skin in the game' to build a very tight partnership. Regardless of our investments, we are always focused on early and quick deliverables, short build cycles, and proving out business assumptions so we are building the right product for the right customer the first time.

Start-up Clients: Volleymetrics, Motivosity, MDRevolution


We built some of the original B2C and B2B online retail and shopping experiences. Many websites are based on these today. We have built e-commerce and retail experiences from the ground up, but we are also very experienced in integrating the current and frequently-used solutions like Magento.

Before recommending a custom or 3rd party solution, we do a detailed assessment of the intended outcomes so that we can start by recommending the best approach. We are unbiased when it comes to suggesting a 3rd party integration, a pure custom build or a blend of both. Either way, we want what is best for each company.

Retail clients: Gymboree, Franklin Covey, Modere


Financial firms are under intense pressure to stay ahead of the regulatory and data management challenges in their industry. And rapid technology changes make it even more challenging. We understand the technology and best practices in the industry, and we also understand the environment, data and privacy issues financial companies face. We have built custom insurance agency platforms, payment gateways and online banking software.

Finance Clients: iTransact, Bear River Mutual, Equitable Life, Fidelity

Network Marketing

With Utah being a major focal point of the MLM industry, we have helped start-ups launch and multi-million distributors double their size. We have worked on retail facing, commissions, downlines, portals, and custom/sub-sites. Many of these industry heavyweights rely on SolutionStream to build the systems that power their companies. From integrations to cloud to mobile, we have seen it all.

Network Marketing Clients: NuSkin, Modere, Young Living, Xango, Younique


We have the necessary experience and credentials for working with a variety of state and federal agencies. We have the special clearances and knowledge of the processes for securing the contracts. We deliver the right technology and people for success.

Government Clients: State of Utah, Department of Defense