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We create digital products that accelerate business. With our SolutionMap workshop, we walk you through every step of defining your ultimate product before we ever write a line of code.

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What do your users want? What do they value? What will keep them coming back?

SolutionStream's approach differs from traditional development shops. During our SolutionMap workshop, we build a partnership between your team and ours to help us truly understand your needs, your vision, your customer, and your product. Through user tests and data collection, we will discover the features of your product that are most important. Then we will create intuitive wireframes, stunning visuals, and a comprehensive backlog. Together, this is your development ready blueprint.

This blueprint means that you're not just walking away with a roadmap to a product-you'll have the peace of mind that your product is not only what you want, but more importantly, what your users need.

The SolutionMap Workshop

Bring us a team of your experts and we will combine our knowledge and experience in product design and development with your deep understanding of your business challenges and customer needs. Our teams work together to push boundaries and visualize a workable, sophisticated, and user-friendly solution. Our unique process is designed to rapidly capitalize on your expertise so we can get to the heart of your challenges to create the features your product and projects really need and build the best solution possible.

Each day of the program includes exercises that help your team evaluate priorities, conceive solutions, and define the optimal path-to-market.

Product Workshop - 2 weeks

Go from concept to user validated prototype in just 2 weeks.

During our immersive process, we will address every aspect of your product from identifying the business and technical challenges to creating intuitive wireframes and beautifully designed prototype.

StoryMap Workshop - 1 week

Create a comprehensive roadmap and wireframes in just 1 week.

We'll focus on defining and validating the idea first through user personas and the creation of robust wireframes and technical architecture. Most importantly, at the end of our session, we'll deliver a comprehensive end-to-end roadmap along with detailed wireframes so you can successfully execute on your vision.

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We bring your idea to life.

At the end of our SolutionMap workshops you are ready to demo your app to stakeholders or jump into development with either our team or yours utilizing your end-to-end roadmap and the peace of mind that your project will be successful.

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Our Experience Matters.

Our wide breadth of product experience in divergent industries, from finance to e-commerce to education, guarantees an excellent solution and delighted customers.

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"Without SolutionMap, we'd have built more than we needed at the start, and spent more time in a test environment than in the actual market."

-David Smith, Qualtrics

SolutionStream has provided superior enterprise solutions for over 20 years to these clients and more.

The Team

Our team brings 10 + years of deep experience creating and launching new products and taking existing enterprise products to the next level by leveraging cutting edge lean UX product and project management processes like design thinking and lean development.

Matt Graham Sprint Master
Cameo Doran Product Strategist
Joe Burkinshaw Senior UI/UX Designer
Jared Porter Creative Director

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