Technology rules the world. Every aspect of the human experience is shaped by technology in one way or another. It follows that every business is affected by technology as well. In that sense, every company is a technology company. Coming to understand why technology is vital, how it affects the competitive ability of a company, and how best to embrace technology as an integral part of business will move companies closer to achieving their goals of success.

Technology is Vital

As mentioned before, technology affects every aspect of a business. In fact, it is nearly impossible to do anything in a business without encountering some form of technology. Whether it be an email between an employee and a manager, a design team’s newest blueprints for a project, or the marketing team’s plans for the year, nothing in a business is technology-free. Technology is vital to ensuring that a business runs well internally.

In addition to internal concerns, technology is also vital to the external success of a company, namely customers. Customers have grown to expect the highest technological standards from the companies they patron. They are used to getting anything they want whenever they want it, thanks to the internet which has completely changed the customer experience in so many ways it’s impossible to point them all out. Customers fully expect any company they buy from to have the best technology, making their experience smooth and fast; if that technology isn’t present, they will go to another company to fulfill their needs.

Due to the vital nature of technology, it is absolutely imperative that companies make it a priority to understand and invest in technology. However, they need to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that because they are using technology, they understand how to design or build successful technology. There is a huge difference between knowing how vital technology can be for a company and knowing how to design and build technology that produces the desired results. Be sure to leave the construction of technology to the experts, and instead focus on ensuring that the company is using the technology in ways that will produce the best results.


When it comes to business competition, technology is a need, not a want. Every facet of business, from development to marketing, moves and evolves faster now thanks to technology. Companies that don’t use technology to constantly expedite their processes run the risk of falling behind the pack and becoming obsolete when compared to their competition. Staying ahead of the rest of the market when it comes to technology gives a company an advantage over its competition.

While staying ahead of the competition’s technology is important, companies should also consider the practical application of their technology. Having the best technology is great, but if it’s employed sloppily or in a way that doesn’t maximize its potential, that technology is wasted. By combining the best technology with the best application of that technology, companies are able to integrate and employ new strategies and technologies faster than others. In order to make this strategy successful, technology must be a priority for the company.

Ways to Embrace Technology

One of the most important ways to successfully embrace technology in a company is to be willing to accept change. The very nature of technology means that it will be constantly changing and evolving, so any company that wants to use it has to be prepared to change as well. Accepting change allows a company to stay ahead of the curve and maintain the competitive edge discussed earlier. In order to change effectively, companies should consider different strategies to break changes down into manageable chunks. Small teams are often more effective at implementing changes, and then they are better equipped to help others in the company make the same changes.

In the past, it has been the sole responsibility of the IT department to research, buy, and implement new technologies for their company. However, this approach just doesn’t work anymore due to the overwhelming demand for new technologies, which can swamp an already busy IT department. Company leaders have to become involved and invested in the search for new technology for their company. Without a leader’s support and vision, companies are liable to fall behind in the market due to their sluggishness in adopting technology. Company leaders should work to understand exactly how technology influences their business so that they can be influential in keeping their company on track when it comes to technology.


Every company is now a technology company in the sense that technology is vital to their success. However, this does not mean companies can create good technology or use technology in ways that are useful. In order to be more successful in this technology-dominated business world, companies should work to understand how technology is vital to their business, how it affects their competitiveness, and the different ways that they can work to successfully embrace technology.