What is a SolutionMap?

SolutionMaps are a multi-day, immersive design sprint and strategy workshop that combines the smartest minds from your organization and ours.

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How does it work?

What allows us to deliver consistent results is the powerful combination of our people, our collaborative culture, and our proven delivery methods.

  • The Problem

    The first phase will ensure that everyone involved understands your goals and vision. We’ll analyze your target, your business needs, potential roadblocks and technical requirements.

  • The Plan

    Next, we’ll work with you to define user flows and critical pathways for the project. We’ll outline the user’s journey and wireframe the most critical and complicated portions of the interface.

  • The Decision

    In this last phase, we’ll finalize the wireframes, prioritize features and set realistic goals. Once we’re all the same page, our team will get to work, delivering the agreed upon assets in just one week.

  • The Delivery

    What You Get:

    • User Stories
    • Wireframes
    • Journey Map
    • Clickable Prototypes
    • Team Consensus

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