The Truth About Outsourcing

Adopting the same tired methods for developing your software may be comfortable, but when your process isn’t working and your system begins to fail, it may be time to outsource.

When we think about outsourcing, we are most likely visualizing offshore outsourcing. This is when a company hires a team from another country to manage software development. 

The type of outsourcing that we will discuss in this article typically happens closer-to-home. While outsourcing, your company hires contractors who temporarily join your team to customize or build software. These contractors address the objectives of your company now and in the future. 

There are many software development teams that provide outsourcing and contract work. We want to help you on your journey by providing 6 truths about outsourcing to move forward in achieving your software development dreams. 

1. Flexibility

Outsourcing is, at its core, a flexible solution that means you can create or customize your software with ease. Rather than hire an entire team of new software developers, the contractor provides personnel, resources, and knowledge necessary to meet your specific goals. 

Flexibility is the key to effective and long-lasting problem solving. The decision to outsource your software work probably means there is a problem that your current system is not solving. Your company may find that these problems are distracting from core goals or objectives of your business. 

Outsourcing is a tool you can use to problem solve as you stay flexible in your methods. In this way, developer teams are able to grow with your company by working on project-based solutions. They will join you for the hard times and will be ready whenever you need them again. 

2. Get Help

The reason for outsourcing is simple: you need help. Maybe your current process is broken; teams aren’t functioning properly, new employees are not solving your problems, and success is not following the money you are investing in development. 

Outsourcing invites employees who are vetted by an outside company to do the work you need done. These teams are experts in their field, and through oversight from both your company and their own, developers will work with you to produce a product that your company will use for years. 

Outsourced employees can and will help to improve processes using industry best practices. This process will be vital to the long-term success of your company.

3. Focus on Core Goals

If your company currently does not have a development team, it is probably because you don’t need one! Maybe the core goals and values of your business do not require a full-time development team to maintain revenue or production. 

Outsourcing provides you a development team that will work with your main objectives and take care of the little things so that you can focus on your core values. 

It is inevitable that development processes are significantly lacking when the goals of your business are not focused on maintaining a development team. However, the good news is that other companies have invested time and energy in their processes so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

4. Custom Experience

What if hiring an outside company to do your development work means that you have to let go of control over the product? When outsourcing, you will always play a significant role in producing the software. While outsourced developers perform major building and planning tasks, you control the creative direction and vision for your business. 

Knowing the roles of both developers and managers will make creating a custom experience much easier.

An outsourced development team functions in many ways: as independent workers who build your software from the ground up, as consultants who help solve problems and train in-house developers, and as temporary employees who collaborate with planning and developing teams to work in a hybrid environment and find solutions.

Communicating with your outsourced partner is vital to maintaining core values and objectives while recruiting others to join and improve your process. The right contractor will help to bridge the gap between the desires of your company and the processes of the developers you bring onto your projects.  

5. Cost Effective

Domestic outsourcing is an investment. Companies are often scared of outsourcing because of the price tag attached to software development services. The truth is that investing in expert outsourcing from the right contractor is proven to dramatically increase company profits. 

For example, if you pay a developing team $500,000 to use their services and see a return of 1 billion to your company, then wouldn’t you pay the initial fee? While this is a hypothetical example, this type of return on investment is not uncommon when working with outsourced or contracted companies with great results. 

Paying for outsourcing services now will ensure that necessary functions are delivered to your users, and solutions for further development will form the foundation for more projects. 

6. We’re Done! 

Like comic-book superheroes, when the project that you are outsourcing is done, the developers are gone until you need them again. Outsourcing means that those employees belong to someone else and you don’t have to keep them around to get in the way of core values and goals of the company. 

This does not mean those employees leave nothing behind. What they leave is a more effective process to solve problems in the future and resources to accomplish your goals. 

At SolutionStream we have teams of dedicated developers ready for outsourcing to your company. We believe that who we are matters just as much as what we know, so contact SolutionStream now to learn about our services and the experts who will help fulfill your developing dreams.